Olive harvest 2019: an overview
News | 15/10/2019

Olive harvest 2019: an overview

A splendid raw material for our beautiful green gold this year. Harvest has recently started, on Monday the 7th of October the first olive trees were relieved of their precious yield.

As well as for the grape harvest, stable summer and early autumn weather has delivered a great quality for the olives; they are gradually completing the ripening cycle thanks to the perfect climate conditions that have left no room for parasites. Broadly speaking, the whole year has been characterized by favourable weather conditions which, along with a good day/night temperature range, have inhibited the activity of the olive tree fly and favoured the entire vegetative phase, which proved to be well-balanced.



An early harvest, approximately 20-30% of veraison, to preserve the polyphenolic and aromatic part and keep a good chlorophyll level. In order to avoid the trigger of any adverse fermentations, olives are hand-harvested with the help of mechanical olive shaker rakes; and they are delivered to the oil-mill within 2-3 hours, without laying on the ground.
The productive process is carried out through continuous-cycle cold extraction in oxygen-free space, with the aim of preserving and enhancing the oil’s organoleptic profile.

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